Diversified Industries

U.S.-based companies in diversified industries such as commercial and consumer product production, chemicals, building materials, heavy equipment, and more are being challenged by growth in the manufacturing and distribution sector. Consumers have choices, both domestically and globally, and, thanks to modern technology, they have the ability to compare product prices at the click of a button. Key to the success of all companies in this industry is the ability to keep costs down and remain competitive. The way to keep costs down is to understand them through planning, forecasting, reporting, analysis, consolidation, and other finance activities.

TopDown’s consultants have an average of 20 years of EPM experience and our team includes leading solution and system architects, CPAs, finance executives, MBAs, and analysts. We is as a partner and trusted advisor for a number of companies in diversified industries that are balancing planning, forecasting, consolidations, and reporting requirements while keeping up with the changes in the industry.

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