Reporting & Analysis

Effectively manage your business by improving financial visibility and delivering transparent and timely data.

Reliable, Adaptable Reports.

Reporting & Analysis is an important part of any organization. A key reason for performing Reporting & Analysis is to more effectively manage your business. But oftentimes companies miss opportunities better understand and improve business performance. By applying leading practices, while focusing on the proper blend of technology, process, and people (culture), TopDown Consulting helps companies dive into the details, ask the right questions, and then identify answers, or at least potential answers, that can be tested, with the ultimate goal understanding what is happening so that you can explain why it is happening and what you can do about it.


  • Extend the value of your information
  • Improve financial visibility and business intelligence
  • Deliver more timely and transparent reporting data
  • Uncover areas of potential value and efficiencies
  • Improve variance analysis or the collection of the information that precedes variance analysis
  • Understand the importance of asking “Why is there a variance?”
  • Address, support, and enable managers to be as effective as possible in their respective areas
  • Leverage the technology and features functionality that exist within the Hyperion Suite of products
  • Provide employees and executives with the business insights and visibility they need to make better decisions and drive performance

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