Financial Close & Consolidation

Streamline the close and consolidation process and focus on what really matters.

Scalable & Adaptable Consolidations

Organizations across many industries are faced with consolidating information produced in various locations and formats, and governed by different accounting processes. To consistently manage your company’s performance, you to need to align strategic goals with financial and operational planning requirements. Key success factors include improved budget cycle times, compliance with regulatory and financial standards, reduced external audit costs and business risk, and confidence in your data. At TopDown Consulting, we know how to efficiently implement a solution that unifies these multiple entities for a rapid and accurate close and consolidation process.


  • A streamlined period-end close process
  • Quality financial statements
  • Transparency among both internal and external stakeholders
  • Compliance with disclosure requirements
  • Reduced audit costs
  • A uniform, consolidated way of looking at performance
  • Better ability to provide comparative data, allowing for more informed decision-making
  • The ability to plan and execute IFRS adoption
  • A dynamic reporting system that distributes data to key stakeholders in a consistent and timely fashion
  • A more efficient, automated method of conducting reporting processes without relying on manual labor to generate reports
  • Reduced labor so employees can be effectively utilized in the roles they were hired for without spending unnecessary time on ancillary tasks

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