Daily Revenue Reporting in a Flash with Essbase ASO: A Case Study with TopDown Consulting & Quantcast

Please join Paul Hoch and Anthony Leonardini (Quantcast) for an encore presentation of their Kscope18 session, Let’s Take a Look at Essbase in the Cloud.

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Join Paul Hoch, TopDown Consulting Principal Architect, and Anthony Leonardini, Quantcast Senior Financial Systems Administrator, and discover how building a large ASO reporting cube eliminated manual processes and provided separate reporting results that included the ability to refresh the data any time in order to capture different analytics depending on the reporting requirements.

This session will cover:

  • How we built analytic dimensions and many reporting metrics.
  • How we used ASO persistent calc scripts to plug/tie revenue between reported financial results and data warehouse raw revenue data.
  • How we were able to automate the cube with both dimension building and data loading.
  • Additional dimensions for more granular data and advanced analytics—e.g., multiple years of data, ability to compare data for one day on a weekly, monthly, yearly, or multiple year basis, compare different days, weeks, months, and more.
  • How we used SQL load rules against their Data Warehouse to quickly refresh and reload large volumes of data at a moment’s notice.

Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of how to make ASO cubes work in any reporting situation.

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