EDMCS or DRM: Which One Should I Use?

Please join Steve Davis for an encore presentation of his Kscope18 session, EDMCS or DRM: Which One Should I Use?

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When it comes to master data management, the questions you need to ask is: Where does master data management fit into our cloud strategy? Your organization’s master data management needs, now and in the future, will determine if you can work with the limited options Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EDMCS) currently offers while you wait for the planned improvements, or do you want the robustness of a mature tool like Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM)? Currently, we are in a transition period between applications. This session will provide the information needed to decide which application best fits the companies master data management needs.

The Session will include:

  • A review of EDMCS
  • A side-by-side comparison of DRM and EDMCS
    –Single version of the truth or “as is” source data from the individual applications
  • Real world examples showing
    –When DRM is the best choice
    –When EDMCS is the best choice
    –When both are the best choice
  • How to fit master Data Management into your Cloud Strategy and Roadmap
    –Do I need DRM, EDMCS, or should I wait until EDMCS is mature?
  • And more…

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