Loading Data Into FCCS

Please join Brian Willson for an encore presentation of his Kscope18 session, Loading Data Into FCCS.

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 Migrating from HFM? To make sure you’re successful, it is crucial to have a firm understanding of the Movement, Data Source dimensions, and built-in calculations in FCCS.This session will detail what you need to understand about loading data in order to do it successfully. Using real-world examples of what went right and what went wrong when migrating from HFM to FCCS, we will look at:

  • Movement and Data Source dimensions
  • Opening Balances
  • Periodic vs YTD data loading
  • Dimension Attributes
  • Clearing data
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Data load volumes
  • Pitfalls, gotchas, and workarounds
  • And more

Attendees will come away with a solid understanding of how to successfully load data and tie it out in FCCS.

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