Continuous Planning and Rolling Forecasts

Join Juan Porter, Founder and Chief Solutions Architect, online for a deep dive into Continuous Planning and Rolling Forecasts.

In every industry, there is always talk about businesses needing to stay competitive. The only way to do this is through informed decisions and agile business practices. These only come about with quality forecasts that shape future outcomes and the ability to immediately react to changing events. This is why many companies are looking for alternatives to annual budgets. A rolling forecast is a more fluid approach to planning and forecasting. You will always find change happening in your business, and even the smallest amount of it can impact on your numbers, focus, plans, etc. With a rolling forecast, you can emphasize the forward movement of the business because it is always looking ahead twelve to eighteen months. You avoid the cliff event such as end-of-year with a continuous process that combines the traditional plan and forecast. In this session, using case studies and real-world examples, Juan will discuss the ins and outs of rolling forecasts, covering:

  • Transitioning traditional forecasting to rolling forecasts
  • Implementing rolling forecasts
  • Advanced methods in rolling forecasts
  • Understanding your forecast

The session will include guidelines, tips, tricks, and best practices to make sure you get the most out of this approach.

RECORDED: Thursday, January 18, 2018

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