Handling Textual Data in Planning and Essbase—A Starbucks Case Study

Please join Juan Porter and Rhonda Brigham (Starbucks) online for a presentation of Handling Textual Data in Planning and Essbase—A Starbucks Case Study.*

RECORDED ON: September 14, 2017

Handling text data in a Hyperion Planning application is relatively easy and straightforward. Planning metadata is stored in a relational database. This textual information is accessible via web forms, HFR, and Smart View out-of-the-box. On the other hand, managing and reporting on text data is not quite as simple in the Essbase technology. Essbase handles dates and smart lists but can’t handle freeform text values. The situation is further complicated by the fact that your smart lists need to be synchronized between Planning and Essbase for the data transfer to be accurate. In this session, Juan Porter, TopDown Consulting, and Rhonda Brigham, Starbucks, will discuss how they used a creative approach to get text data in three different forms–smart lists, dates and freeform text data–to flow from Planning to Essbase. They will discuss the overall project goals, technologies, POCs, and the reason for choosing the solution they did, including design and results.

* This event is co-sponsored by ODTUG.

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