DRG – Creating Workflows in DRM

Please join Steve Davis online for a presentation of DRG – Creating Workflows in DRM.

Data Governance continues to be a big topic. Regardless of the company size, at some point, a growing organization decides to implement workflow in order to capture the changes that you need to make to the master data. This is where DRG comes in. In this session, Steve Davis, DRM and DRG expert, will show you how to create collaborative workflows in DRG. He will look at workflow models, requests, paths, tags, and worklists, tasks, models, filters and users. He will show you how to–

  • Create models and tasks
  • Build workflow objects
  • Auto number your new accounts and create validations on the workflow
  • Assign security to the users and to the hierarchies
  • Separate duties and do conditional workflows
  • Filter Nodes
  • And more…

The session will include real-world examples as well as tips, tricks, and best practices for working collaboratively with DRG to make sure all users have the necessary change management and data quality remediation workflows to do effectively do their jobs. NOTE: Attendees should have a good understanding of DRM. They should understand what workflow is and how it is used.

Recorded on: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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