Webinar: Putting New Essbase Calc Features to Work

Please join TopDown Consulting and Ron Moore, Solutions¬†Architect for webcast, sponsored by ODTUG, on Essbase’s calculation Engine.

RECORDED ON: January 19, 2016

This webcast has two objectives. First, we will give you an overview of new calc features in the most recent new releases. Then, we will provide examples of how to put a few of the more useful features to work in your applications.

Examples and code samples will explore how to:

  • Simplify forecasting and planning with new time series calculation features
  • Use runtime substitution variables
  • Improve performance with new optimization features

Essbase’s calculation engine has always been its most powerful feature, and the past few releases have included an explosion of new calculation features. These new features not only improve performance, but they also make high-value business requirements much easier to implement and use. New features include Hybrid calculation mode, time series calculation improvements, runtime substitution variables, block creation improvements, new diagnostics, and more.


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